Battlestar Galactica: The Final Duty


Galactica notes:


Battlestar Galactica: The Final Duty


Opener: A believer in a world of disbelievers.  Does not hold to conventional wisdoms.  Believes we came from ‘out there’.




Act 1:


Galactica and rag tag fleet are relics put to pasture.  New ships and defenses arise under the banner of Uri.


Decadent, self-absorbed.  Only Sire Box remembers what people were, and wrong paths taken to get there.


One warrior gets into Nomen fights.  Friend has to cut in when it gets too viscous.  Friend is Captain Adama.  Warrior is Wan-a high flier known for taking foolish risks.  Another is Adelia a female hot shot pilot that flies circles around them.


Commander Jonah and his son Adama look through the old Adama journals for insight and wisdom.  Jonah thinks of his father Box (ridiculed as Old Box) as he is reduced to being keeper of a museum where the Galactica and the rag tag fleet sit close to crumbling.  Box tries to preserve it believing he knows something the rest of the world doesn’t.


Box also feels responsible for loss of Apollo in Cylon attack.  He was on his father’s wing but had to break to help pilot almost destroyed.  Could not get back to Apollo and he is seemingly destroyed.  Never seeks command and only keeps council seat acting as caretaker to family house.  (If not Box use a Wingman type character)


Adama house has lost its power and influence to be curators of a museum getting ready to close.  A museum of ships that are a mix of not just a discarded old, but discarded newer paths the society did not accept.


Box working behind the scenes to prepare for Cylons return.  Even trains Jonah to lead when time is right.


Box also has aided to help with ‘museum’.  One is a young engineer named Tink.  She works to keep Galactica together as best she can, and also smuggled out upgrades for the ship the Ministry of Defense rejects for ‘cheaper alternatives’.  The other is Smythe Who does a lot of heavy lifting and tech fitting.


Lt. Kyrie-Life station head who runs maternity ensuring development of babies.  In-vitro tanks, surrogate wombs-volunteers.  Program to revitalize human race.  Jonah’s brother.  Tasked with getting children to Galactica when Cylons attack.


Original Adama died in Cylon attack.  Apollo took command and was lost in battle.  URI family led by Sire Dyon recommended settling on planet that could be terraforming.


Alteration:  Hopeful use of Second Coming.  With the loss of Apollo people turn to Ballard for leadership as he promises to lead them to safety.  Leads them to new planet concealed in nebula that is terraformed.  Statue is erected in his honor as the leader that finds them safety and not the fools errand that is Earth according to Dyon.


Planet completely terraformed and celebrating on pleasure station in orbit.  Galactica & rag tag fleet officially retired as mausoleum ship holds bodies of fallen warriors.


President Dyon-heir to Uri.  Lives in wealth and decadence while preaching ‘Book of the word’ to followers as justification for his power saying the Lords are with him, not the Adama family.  Military aide Paulus is friend with Jonah as he tells Dyon to prepare for defense.  Dyon agreed but decided to take it from housing programs for unfortunate.  Paulus ready to walk.  Another aide looks on.  She is an Omega Cylon used for recon to main fleet waiting to attack.


Four young junior warriors (Leon, Thrace, Valleri, Tyrol) that graduate from the academy.  Awaiting first assignment on the new cruisers.  Caught in attack and are among the few fighters to mount a defense.  Perhaps even separated in attack.


Omega Cylon calls main fleet of three ships.  She is instructed to get defense codes so forces can attack.


Imperious Leader sits with Ovion leader.  Deal is made.  Cylons destroy human colonies while Ovions get survivors as food and cattle for breeding.  Imperious Leader has other plans.


Gives insight to ‘battle computer’.  Has it prepare strategies against human pilots.


Patrol comes across raiding party.  They get signal to mobilize attack.  Defense rallied together and puts forth good fight but Omega Cylon inserts virus in central systems causing massive systems disruption.  Try to get systems back on line but they are picked off too quickly.  


Planet attacked.  Pleasure station people have to watch as spectators while Ovions attack and harvest them onto their ships.  They also harvest the dead as Cylons are out to exterminate humanity.  Dead humans being given to the Ovions help clean up the mess.


Singer is caught in attack and has to wander the planet.  Represents celebrity status.


Attack:  First raider attack to pick off small resistance.  Then orbital bombardment with main laser to destroy their cities leaving only craters.  Survivors are harvested by the Ovions for their food stuffs.


Command tried to organize defenses but ships are malfunctioning.  They barely work and are picked off quickly.  Survivors left adrift in barely functional wrecks.  They barely picked off any of the Cylon and Ovion attackers.  Ovions board disabled ships and harvest the crews while some escape.


Jonah tried a ‘fly cold’ approach which buys some time.  But attacking ships are faster and the action serves only to delay the attacking Cylons.  They will be overwhelmed soon.


Attack on planet.  Cities are destroyed.  People are scattering.  Ruined flames stretch through the skies as the planet burns.


Survivors left adrift in wrecked or disabled ships.  One pilot looks up and sees a symbol of hope.  It is the Galactica taking in the survivors.


End of Act 1


Act 2:


Old Box oversees the boarding of survivors.  Finds what warriors there are and tells them to get to the new ships in the launch bay.  New breed of Viper.  Disabled ships are to be recycled or repaired and join fleet waiting for order to begin rescue work.  Tink oversees work as Old Box continues with the Galactica.


Galactica vs. 3 base stars.  1st with main cannon.  2nd with missiles.  3rd is toe to toe slugging match.  Galactica wins but main ship still a ways away.  Evac must work fast.


Pluton poison as well as radiation make most of water and food useless.  They must salvage what they can, or get new nutrient plans in place.  They are leaving planet.


Box faces council on station.  They agree to depose Dyon but have issues with Box keeping forces of his own, even if they are old and untried.  Box said if they are still alive when they escape he will surrender himself to custody on the Prison Barge which he has in his collection anyway.


Singer (Mila) leads survivors to where she hopes a ship is waiting.  All survivors pitch together as Singer feels burden of command due to her celebrity status.  They only look to her for that.  She doesn’t know what else she has to offer.


Jonah takes the bridge of the Galactica and surveys the military command that remains.  Evacuation is beginning but there is concern about another raid coming while evacuation is taking place.  Decides to have meeting of senior command and assembled warriors.  They are to locate Cylon regroup point and either destroy them, or delay them until such time as the evacuation is complete.


Adama, Wan and Adelia decide to spearhead the mission to slow Cylon Alliance.  They also take troop shuttle with infantry warriors if any ‘ground pounding’ needs to be done.


Leon, Thrace, Valero And Tyrol all are to help facilitate colonial evacuation.   They must report to ships and oversee evacuation procedures.


Singer tries to spot civilization and comes across some refugees.  Their food is pluton poisoned.  They are starving.  She has some stores at her crash site.  They follow her there.


Adama, Wan and Adelia come to limit of range.  They see Cylon forces as well as Mega basestar.  Using invisible cloak to sneak around.  They are detected.  Battle underway.


Box and Dyon confront each other.  Box reassert they need to find Earth.  There is no safe place close.  They need to find help.  No more pleasure for a while.  Dyon storms off while evac begins.


Leon, Thrace, Valero And Tyrol are assigned to planetary evac duties.  People, plants animals and ships.


Battle resumes.  Ship is damaged as raiders send it crashing down.  Cylons and Ovion harvesters prepare to survey the wreckage.


Singer comes from into town ruined from attack.  Comes across young survivors as Cylon’s attack town.  Meet bruiser.


Dyon prays to Iblis as he is a member of the cult.  Iblis hoped Adama house would fade into ridicule, but as long as one believed others would follow if the time was right.  Dyon schemes to regain power as the Colonials prepare for another exodus.


After feeding the singer and survivors have to find where next to go.  They look to her for leadership but doesn’t feel qualified.  It is because she is a celebrity that she is expected to know.  Bruiser rises and says he knows what is best.  Tells her to sit down and he will lead them.  Thinks city is one way and there will be a ship waiting.


Adama, Wan and Adelia recover as well as some of rescue force.  Centurions blast in and kill some.  Ovions take the rest.


Recreation of original scene of Adama and the woman with the child that was thrown.  This time it is Jonah as a guard throws a similar woman to the ground with a child in her arms.  Guard did not see the child, or did not care to see the child.  Jonah talks to Box of incident and said original Adama had something similar happen to him, and he considered resigning afterwards due to the magnitude of those kind of decisions.  He stayed because there was no one with the will to lead them to Earth.  They would have stopped off and been killed, just like now.  It just took the Cylons longer to catch up.  Jonah will have to lead until they get to safety of Earth.  Jonah understands.


Little girl wants to take her pregnant daggit on ship.  But is refused saying ‘humanity first’.  Old man says daggits were just now recreated.  You’d make them look extinct again?  Gives up his place for the little girl and her pregnant daggit.  Old man and those left behind said that they did the right thing.


Bruiser leads singer and party to place to have campfire.  They rest and make their way to ruined city in morning.  Singer sings ‘Son of Man’ hymn indicating her faith.  Wonder about her faith as she said she never stopped even with the scandals she suffered.  Survivors look to her with amazement but bruiser gives her hate look.


Adama, Wan and Adelia see the wounded being taken.  They stow away on harvester to see what happens next as they come to main ship.


Singer looks at night sky and sees bright light in sky.  It is like the Christmas star that guided the wisemen.  It shines over a city.  After 4 hours rest they head in illuminating direction as bruiser leads them another direction.  They follow singer as bruiser bullies his way through, and fails.


Dyon gathers followers and non-believers to his side.  Tells them he will lead them to safe location instead of chasing a fable.  They will overthrow Adama family and return to power.


Adama, Wan and Adelia explore main ship and see humans in food hives, but they also see old being culled and young being penned like animals in cages.  Adama says they must make the Ovions pay-no matter what.


Ovion queen and Imperious Leader talk.  The Ovions are harvesting the humans using mature for food(as well as the dead), culling the way Old, and using the children for breeding.  The harvesting is proceeding smoothly but the Leader has other plans.  He plans to sterilize the children so they can’t breed when they come of age.  The Cylon program is that all humans are to be exterminated.  The Ovion plan would have humans survive, even though technically as cattle.  The overall directive is that humanity be exterminated.  No exceptions.  Command Centurion Vulpa acknowledges the order “By your command.”


Leader also orders Vulpa to check on battle computer.  Vulpa agreed.


Children are being processed.  IL Cylon is given sterilizer.  It is injected into children as they are being processed.


Vulpa and an IL look at battle computer.  It is a suspension pod with a human girl inside.


Act 3:


Adama, Wan and Adelia are thinking of plan to release prisoners.  Has distractions in place to draw Centurions attention.  When attention is drawn away they plow ahead with rescue escape.


Leon, Thrace Valero And Tyrol are reporting they have as many ships as they can.  Jonah and Old Box say to help with fuel runs.


Starbuck’s pod connected to Cylon battle computer.  Child still inside suspended as subconscious is used to apply Cylon Attacks.  Child rescued.  May make it little girl.


Singer and party arrive only to find the last ships have gone.  Few survivors remain.  Singer has idea as she asks them to follow her.


Adama (with strange girl) Adelia and Wan discover the Imperious Leader is on the ship.  They feel if they kill him it will leave the Cylons in disarray.  They make plans to locate his command center and make their way there.


Dyon gathers his followers.  Readies a mutiny against Old Box.  We are defending our home and will not chase fables, is the call he heeds.  They march to the Galactica and the station in hopes of taking it over.


Singer offers to give up her place so that One might live.  All refuse as they say it’s her bus and she should go.  She still kept her faith and faith must endure.  The rest will wait for what comes and hopefully The Lords will be merciful.  Singer leaves with others on the bus.


Dyon confronts Box.  Talks about faith.  Box genuinely believes while he convinces crowd that Dyon is only about the power faith offers.  That he’s all about himself, and the power and pleasure Count Iblis provides.  For that is who s Dyon follows.    Dyon arrested and cult taken into custody.  Resume getting fleet underway.


Confrontation with Imperious Leader.  Adama, Wan, and Adelia and strange little girl meet leader as he tells truth of origins of Cylons.  Iblis was ancient human who promised Cylons would be ultimate power if they followed his lead.  He changes them to machines with human DNA taken from himself.  They turn on him but directive to kill humanity implanted by Iblis as revenge ploy against the Lightships.  Humanity surrenders to him the Lightships lose.  Some have, but Iblis wants it all.  Cylons are tool to secure this goal.  Once humanity is brought as low as it can go Iblis steps in to offer himself as a savior with their free will acting as the price.  Once humanity surrenders itself to him the Cylons continue their alliance while humanity dies under Iblis’s control.  Free will is gone.  Everything and everyone is Iblis.


Iblis hoped people would forget after a generation or two.  But Adama’s journals kept a record.


Confrontation between Jonah and Old Box.  Iblis appears to grant Colonials safety.  Says that he led Uri to new colonies and that the only reason the Cylons attacked was that they were not under his protection.  Follow him and he will protect you.  Old Box asks what the cost is?  Their freedom?  Everything they are and everyone they love discarded for him?  Some agree and follow.  Others go their own way not wanting to deal with either Box or Iblis.  As some choose families are broken apart and friendships end because Iblis is more important.


Some survivors decide to go their own way.  Don’t want to go with Galactica.  Their risk to take.  Jonah understands.


Singer takes her to mansion where sky bus is waiting.  Gets everyone on and pilot volunteers.  She goes checking elsewhere but bruiser follows.


Iblis’s followers leave.  Is more heartbreaking as family and friends decide Iblis is more important than them.  Kids are drug screaming until they decide to leave them behind.  Friends become enemies as Iblis becomes more important.  Iblis says those that do not follow will be destroyed.  Only those that follow him will be saved.  Old Box says his family will protect the people.  Iblis says the price of that promise is higher than even Old Box knows.


Dyon gives co-ordinates to ‘safe’ planet but Jonah realizes trick.  New co-ordinates are put in but the co-ordinates Dyon gave are false co-ordinates.  He switches the false co-ordinates with the original Earth co-ordinates and the Earth co-ordinates are deleted.  They follow Dyon’s co-ordinates back to the colonies.


Singer attacked by bruiser.  He is member of House of Iblis.  Rest of party stop him.  He is left behind as everyone else leaves in Skybus.


Plan to kill Imperious Leader fails.  Children and little girl are main priority.  Distract leader and gets to ships.  Escape basestar to get back to fleet.


Final fuel run from original book.  Getting on last of fuel during attack.  Similar to Starbuck and Cassiopeia.


Singer skybus joins fleet.


Adam’s, Wan and Adelia arrive on Galactica.  Hostages and Girl are kept safe.  Head out to join battle.


Box on mausoleum ship as he sees sacrifice only way to buy time for fleet to escape.


Big explosions series.  Mausoleum ship with base Star with pleasure asteroid with planet destroying everything including planet.  Colonials must run to Earth again.


Little girl looks at momma daggit.  She delivers her puppies.  A litter of 8.


Jonah is with Adama.  Jonah believes his father Box is with his family.  And he is, on the Ship of Lights.


Fleet looks for direction.  Star shines again.  It is on co-ordinates list.  They follow.  It is Ship of Lights which has images of original cast.  They are lightship beings leading the new generation.  Old Box is also on ship as face morphs into old child form.


Ending: Cylons plan to pursue.  New battle computer selected.  The brain of Apollo.


Ending 2: Pegasus appears.  Sheba orders rendezvous when Galactica is found.  Also oversees excavation and reactivation of lost Battlestar Atlantis (nod to Larson movie).


Ending 3: Ovions break away from Cylons to pursue humanity themselves.  They have Earth co-ordinated.  They will follow Galactica or outrun it to Earth.


Classroom:  student closes book.  Awaits next adventure and who arrives first.


New character-Alokin.  Engineer.  Responsible for untried tech in Galactica. 


5 minute stories format to get something down.


1.     Captain Adama and his rise.

2.     The fall of house Adama and the rise of Sire Dion.

3.     The leadership of Mila


Retirement ceremony for Galactica as it is to be launched into sun.  Box however hides it on other side of system where he tries to maintain and repair and other ships and tech.




Galactica buried and forgotten except by Box.  Tries to restore it underground.  All the ragtag fleet is buried and they all rise to take on those left behind.


Big launch of Galactica for survivors to see.  They look on with hope as she flies again.


Change Skybus and Singer to ragtag ship discovery.  Gemon freighter or the Rising Star-buried.


URI leadership ready to evacuate, but only takes ‘deserving’ and ‘faithful’ people.  The rest are left to die on the planet until the Galactica and the rag tag fleet help rescue them.


Old Galactica vs. ‘New’ Galactica as new is possessed by Colon program.  New is destroyed.


Faith meeting where Box’s wife Tanya leads in ‘Son of man’ hymn, and tells story of Commander Adama in battle and how his faith guided him to an answer.  For Adama faith was a guiding force, not a ruling one as URI made it into.

“Save us Adar!” Chant meant to be take on “Let’s go Brandon!” Where Adana is compared to President Adar in a speech by Dyon to justify his rule and power and the ‘foolishness’ of the House of Adama.

Dagon-A deity of chaos worshiped by the Philistines.  (Look more into this as it could be a basis for a new character).

Data archive room much like room in Saga of a Fugitive Fleet where Box looks through records of original cast of characters.  At end Jonah and Adama are in room watching final message from Box as he says his goodbyes and the mission continues.